Hypocrisy thy name is you.

Hypocrisy thy name is you.

After reading the article “Chinese cyber spying may justify sanctions: US panel” I felt that it was necessary to comment on the obvious flaws in this partisan experiment that the panel was carrying out. We are once again caught up in the propaganda machine that the government sponsored PR firms (masquerading as international news outlets and “independent” panels”) is churning out. Really the report that that panel produced was an insult to my intelligence. Considering this is not the first time it has happened:- Exhibit A; China’s Currency Manipulation: A Policy Debate. You see, the White house accused China of manipulating currencies and that is why the US Economy was doing badly…… Are you Kidding me???? So JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgans Sterns, Citi Group, AIG, the government clowns(like Ben Barnanke,Timothy Geithner, Henry M. Paulson)….had nothing to do with it. What manner of stupidity?? First, the government and the financial sector create the biggest pyramid scheme known in the history of the modern world, then they loot from EVERY individual they could convince to join, including countries like Iceland.Barrack comes and gives the financial sector a financial bailout (only supported by citizens because they though that it would mean the banks would have to write off their loans and thereby end the eminent prevailing foreclosures) and then the same sector uses the money to settle debts with each and award themselves multi-million bonus packages for “a job well done”. Meanwhile, White house refuses to comment on the use of bailout but blames China for their econominc turmoil.
Enter Edward Snowden, a whistle blower who has been able to show what the pervasive cyber spying that US government has sanctioned that is not only limited to US, but everyone everywhere. Including spying on 35 world leaders (German Chancellor included), France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil….really the list is endless. So when this US panel starts complaining about China doing the same thing (funny thing, there is no evidence to show that, thus the label propaganda), what would be a logical conclusion then would be:

  1. By implication, US surveillance is really cyber spying, thereby illegal
  2. If US deny that they have not been involved in cyber spying on the basis of legal framework of “monitoring”, then China have every legal reason and right to make the same argument and it stands in the same court where US government makes the its arguments (FISA), thereby making the arguments of this US panel null and void.
  3. Big brother doesn’t like competition. Sad because while US government thought it was a world leader, no one outside US borders buys into that notion and any country that can match US in every sector will ultimately become the best alternative.
  4. They (NSA) were never using the technology for the benefit of the citizens and are afraid China might uncover and protect themselves from the nefarious activities that they(NSA, US Security agents) are up to in the Asia-Pacific region.
  5. US government is trying to shift world focus from their illegal spying activities to other countries doing the same. Really one theme being put forward was “Everyone is doing it”.

It comes down to a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and I for one do not buy into the shenanigans that this US panel and the US government is involved in. What a waste of the tax payers money. What an insult to everyone’s intelligence. What a limp attempt to try to discredit the modernization of China’s security set-up. What a frail attempt to try ask for more money to be used in things that are rarely of any use to the citizens of US. What a pity. Have you no shame?

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